2021 top 11 private wheelchair transport providers in Singapore

As Singapore's population ages, there is always a demand for reliable wheelchair transport. Our public taxi fleets and private hire vehicles are not able to fulfill the current requests at affordable rates. Therefore, in this post, we have summarised a total of 11 private companies that share a caring passion and provide excellent wheelchair transport services in Singapore. They are listed in alphabetical order.

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At Bodhiwheeler, our goal is to provide comfort and affordable wheelchair transport service across Singapore. Our safe and reliable service allows you to attend medical appointments, events, family gatherings, and many more. Rely on us to get you where you need to go.

Care Beyond

“We strive to create a safe and memorable journey for every user with Care Beyond”


Ez Ryde Wheelchair Transport provides wheelchair-accessible transport services to the airport, cruise center, private event, medical appointment, rehab center, dialysis center, and nursing home and for physical disabilities people and elderly people. We go the extra mile to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride!

Go Forth Autoroam Pte Ltd

Go Forth Autoroam operates across Singapore to serve the needs of wheelchair users. Our ethical business code drives us to make a meaningful difference in wheelchair transport service for the elderly and disabled.

Compassionate, safety, and timeliness are values that we uphold and we are committed to going the extra mile for you.

Happy Ride Transport Service


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+65 96460849

Our company mission is to help more wheelchairs user in the community to travel mobility freedom around Singapore. We will provide different needs at affordable pricing. Let us make a change of having a transport together with you.

NJ Wheelchair Transport Singapore


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[email protected]
+65 98231162

"I was a professional accountant for 30 years and in 2017, decided to do something different in life.

I felt a strong urge to give back to society and found that there were not many options for reliable and affordable wheelchair-friendly transport.  And that’s why I bought my transport for wheelchair users with the special lifter to fill this need in Singapore

Now, two years and about 1000 trips later, I’m ready to serve you!"


SilverFleet is a dedicated provider of wheelchair-friendly transport services for the elderly. Caregivers of the elderly, as well as eldercare centers, engage us because we prioritize safety and personal attention, so our clients feel like they are in the care of family.

Stream Mobility

STREAM MOBILITY Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2018. It was founded by 3 brothers who believe that there is a need to better support the families and their loved ones in wheelchairs.

Being a caregiver ourselves, we have experienced traveling with various wheelchair transportations. We came to realize the importance of a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride for both the person in a wheelchair and also the caregiver.

Combining our knowledge and experiences, we embark on the journey to establish reliable non-emergency transportation for Persons with Reduced Mobility.


wheelchairmaxi.com has been in the market for a few years and provides a really comfortable wheelchair transport experience.

Vimo Services

Vimo Services was established in 2017 and had gone from strength to strength ever since, gaining world reputation from established partners. Covid-19 forced the entire world to a halt and left everyone grounded at home. While the pandemic had affected Vimo Services greatly, we diversified our core business from international travel to local medical transportation. We aimed to bring affordable essential medical rides to those in need with our limited means.

Woo Hoo Services Pte. Ltd.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector was heavily impacted which in turn affected the bus charter business.

We did not give up and decided to adapt to the current situation. From his tour guiding experiences, Ivan realized that it was difficult for the disabled and elderly to travel around and visit the various places of interest in Singapore.

Hence, We decided to convert the buses with hydraulic lifts to convey the wheelchair users. The front-facing seats are also designed for the comfort of family members. Ivan feels that as a service provider, more should be done to enable people with disabilities to explore Singapore in a safe and convenient manner.

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