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2022 Top 5 Cheapest Private Wheelchair Transport Providers / Wheelchair taxis in Singapore

Clarification: This article was written at the start of year 2022 before Russia-Ukraine war when everything was still affordable. A lot of our costs had gone up tremendously after the war. Please kindly check with individual company on their latest price

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    With the inflation rate hitting 2.2% this year and COVID-19 is still affecting most of us in a way or two, we have been trying to reduce our expenses in non-essential spending.

    But with a wheelchair-bound family member, caregiving and medical expenses usually form the bulk of your monthly expenditure. We have identified the 5 cheapest wheelchair transport providers, some know them as wheelchair taxis, not only give you the most bargain but also provide a tip-top service to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe journey.

    Identifying the "fake" wheelchair taxis

    When you google "wheelchair transport service" or "wheelchair taxi", there are a few dozens of results on your screen and you can follow our tips to eliminate those "fake" wheelchair taxi, who usually pass the booking requests to genuine wheelchair transport providers and make a profit from the price difference.

    1. Lack of Company Registration Number
    2. Lack of Proper Company Registered Address
    3. Lack of showcase pictures - they do not have their own picture and could not find any on the internet
    4. Vehicle numbers are covered up - because they do not have the permission of the vehicle owners.
    5. They do not bother to ask about the size of the wheelchair.
    6. They do not bother asking about the items you are bringing along. eg. commode, walking frame, luggage and etc.
    7. They do not mention anything on securing the wheelchair user onto the wheelchair
    8. Just dig further, you will add more tips on your own.

    Top 5 Cheapest Wheelchair Transport Providers

    Vimo Services

    Despite the mixed reviews (average 4.7/5) from our customers, we strive to make ourselves available to those who need our services the most. We are tapping on technology to offer a streamless booking process and reduce manual works to provide the most affordable wheelchair transport in Singapore. Our rates start from $20 to $50. You may download our mobile application here. 


    bodhiwheeler logo

    +65 93682784

    Bodhiwheeler lists $27 as their lowest rate. They have been in the business since 2014 and with a strong foundation in Buddhism belief, they have served thousands of beneficiaries in their course of goodwill.


    SilverFleet is the second wheelchair transport company introducing a mobile booking application, allowing customers to book their services without calling.

    Even with a huge room for improvement, SilverFleet mobile app rides start from $22 and it will definitely attract many to try out their services. Hoo-yeah!



    +65 93277589

    The founder, Mr. Will Lee has shown his willingness to help the less fortunate by listing a $25 subsidized ride on his carousell listing.




    +65 84440001

    Mr. Philips has shared his passion for assisting others by listing a $25 ride, for those who are financially troubled, on his website. His generosity has helped many to have a safe ride home from their medical appointment. He is also known for his humbleness and knowledge sharing among his peers.



    Traditionally, the wheelchair transport rate was $50 - $80, putting a strain on many families' finances. It was considered a luxury transport where only the middle-income and the riches could afford.

    Entering 2022, the awareness of mobility freedom has gotten many passion-driven individuals to start their own wheelchair transport company, thus increasing the competition and lowering the price.

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