Scenarios of Customer accusing Vimo Services being rude, unreasonable and not customer orientated.

Scenario 1 - What if i am late ?

Customer: What if I am late, when is the latest time I need to inform you?

Vimo Services: The ride is likely to be forfeited as we have already reserved the time slot and vehicle for you. There is no "What if". We suggest you use our app to book our services only when you are certain of the time of leaving. We will guarantee you a vehicle. (even we have to engage other companies service at a higher cost, we will do it)

Customer: Like that, you get free money, leh?

Vimo: We have already reserved the time slot and vehicle for you. We have to pay for our driver's services. We strongly suggest you book our service when you know the time of leaving. Our mobile is able to accept 40 minutes of advance booking.

Customer: You are so greedy and inflexible.

Scenario 2: Seat Belt? Dont need lah

Vimo Driver: Oh. the wheelchair has a seat belt. You should always put it on for the wheelchair user.

Customer: We never use it, even with other companies. Not even our daycare transport.

Vimo Driver: It means for the safety, it does not take much time.

Customer: It is OK. it is only a short distance. You can drive carefully and slowly right?

Vimo Driver: If that's the case, I will leave without you as it is A-MUST to put on the seat belt when you are traveling with us.

Customer: You are so rude! Start taking video of the driver when he is leaving.

Scenario 3 - 5 mins 5 mins 5 mins.

Vimo Driver: (on Whatsapp) Sir/Madam. I am on a tight schedule. I have to leave after just 5 minutes of wait.

Customer: Coming down
After 7 minutes. Vimo Driver: Sorry. I have to go now. Please re-book if u still need our service

Customer: Wrote a lengthy email or WhatsApp and asked for a refund, despite being late.

Scenario 4 - Cashing out

Customer: I wish to cash out from the app wallet.

Vimo: OK. it will be at 95%. as 5% was deducted to pay to the payment processing company, Stripe. If you are ok with 95%, we will do it now or by today.

Customer: Why not 100%?

Vimo: We are ok to absorb the 5% if you have used the credits on our services. Since you are not going to use the credits, we cannot absorb the 5%. These have been stated on our terms and conditions. Don't worry, we do not take whatever that's not ours.

Customer: I am going to instruct my bank for a chargeback.

Vimo: We are allowing a refund. It is just 95% of the amount, and 5% is paid to Stripe, not to us. A chargeback does not work this way.

Customer: OK OK LAH. 95%.

Scenario 5 - Test Test only

Customer trying out our app, booked and canceled after assigned with a driver. Account auto got suspended.

Customer: My account got suspended. I don't know why.

Vimo: You booked and canceled a ride. Ours is a LIVE system and no testing is allowed on the system.

Customer: Oh I don't know that.

Vimo: There was a warning message before you click Book. and there were 3 steps before you can activate a booking.

Customer: Oh I don't know that.

Vimo: Sorry. We cannot unsuspend your account.

Customer: Vimo lousy. 

Scenario 6 - I don't know.....

Customer: I don't know what time my mum can discharge. how can I book?

Vimo: Our app offers advance booking of minimum of 40 minutes. This will allow you to book our service when you are certain your mum can leave the hospital

Customer: But the hospital never tell me what time?

Vimo: Did you ask and tell them you are booking a transport home? Maybe u can tell them and they can give u a discharge time. Or just use our mobile application to schedule a ride when your mum is able to leave the hospital.

Customer: Then my mum has to wait for 40 minutes?

Vimo: Usually, we do not need 40 minutes to reach you. By stating 40 minutes is to manage your expectation better.

Customer: We are not going to wait for 40 minutes.

Vimo: We cannot send a vehicle just to standby for you.

Customer: You are not customer orientated! so rude!

Scenario 7 - I want means i want

Customer: I am booking wheelchair transport, and I want a van with hydraulic lift.

Vimo: If you need a van with hydraulic lift, please choose the correct vehicle type on our app.

Customer: No I am booking Standard wheelchair transport and I WANT a van with hydraulic lift.

Vimo: Mdm, we do not promise you will be getting a van with hydraulic lift when you book Standard Wheelchair Transport. But you can be assured that all other drivers have many years of experience of managing wheelchair users up on a sturdy ramp. Before hydraulic lift vans get popular, everyone else was relying on sturdy ramp to travel around.
Customer: i WANT a van with hydraulic lift.

Vimo: No. We cannot and do not promise you.

Customer: You dishonest! Cheater!

Scenario 8 - Pushing me away

Customer: Can I make a booking?

Vimo: Yes, you may do so from our website or mobile app

Customer: Cannot do through the phone ah?

Vimo: No. We find it inefficient and error-prone. all our bookings are done through our system. We save more on operations so that we can charge less on your trips.

Customer: Why u so stupid one? I dont know how to use the app.

Vimo: You may get a family member to assist you or You may approach other companies. We believe most of them still allow phone booking.

Customer: You are so rude. You are pushing me away!

Scenario 9 - Cash only, can?

Customer: Can I pay by cash for advance booking?

Vimo: We only allow credit/debit card payment for all advance bookings.

Customer: Why so inflexible one? What about Paynow?

Vimo: We are working to integrate Paynow as one of our payment methods, as for now we only accept credit/debit card payment for advance booking.

Customer: U hor.. so inflexible company.

(Customer go and book with other wheelchair company and ended the jobs were offered to Vimo)

Scenario 10 - Please wait...

Customer: I am going to be late for pick up. Can you wait for me?

Driver: My schedule is tight. I will try to wait for as long as possible. Please try to be on time.

Customer: You know see doctor we always don't know the timing. Just wait for me ok?

Driver: Like that, for the next customer I will be late, I have to go when I need to go.

Customer: You all so inflexible and like to cheat on my hard-earned money

Driver: U late also my fault?

Customer: Why u so rude?

Scenario 11 - How much?

Customer: How much is 2 ways from home to hospital?

Vimo: Our advance rate is $21-$45 per way. You can get your own quote from our mobile app. 

Customer: Can you just tell me the price?

Vimo: As we do not know the pickup and destination, we are unable to give u a quotation.

Customer: from 123456 to cgh

Vimo: We do not know when you need the service. we strongly suggest you get your own quote from our mobile app.

Customer: Never mind. You are not customer-orientated.

(Customer go and book with other wheelchair company and ended the jobs were offered to Vimo)

Scenario 12 - Got oxygen? (Added 21 Sept 2022)

Customer: Does your wheelchair service come with oxygen?

Vimo: No. (Disappointed). It is free, from the air.

Customer: Explain

Vimo: (Disappointed) never mind lah. go book medical transport or ambulance better.

Customer: Dont joke can?

Vimo: You joke first leh. wheelchair taxi comes with oxygen? Go read up first.. dont be lazy

Customer: Never mind. everyone will know you

(Customer wrote to Stomp. and Vimo Services went viral. Everyone cursing and scolding Vimo. With only a handful of people question the customer books a taxi and expect it to comes with oxygen supply?? Anyway our Singapore Media is best at twisting words in the favor of the complaint.)

Scenario 13 - No wheelchair? (Added 23 Sept 2023)

Driver reached early at Renci Community hospital for picked up for 11:45.

Customer: Would be late for about 15 mins.

Driver: Ok. Got waiting charges. Will try to wait as long as possible. Got next booking after yours.

Customer arrived at at 12:02. "Where is your wheelchair?"

Driver: I got no wheelchair in my vehicle. We are providing the transportation services, not all vehicles have wheelchair in them.

Customer called Support: You providing wheelchair transport, no wheelchair with you. What kind of services is it?

Support: It is stated on our website you are supposed to bring your own wheelchair. And if u need one, u have to sound out in your booking.

Customer: OK. The wheelchair is at home. Can your driver go to the home and take?

Support: The driver does not have enough time. He has a next booking at 12:45 at NUH.

Customer: My booking how?

Support: The ride has to be forfeited and if you need our service please book again.

Customer left a 1-star review on Google business profile after expected a service recovery or refund from us, which we politely rejected.

Scenario 14 - Take it or Leave it !

(We had no intention on bring this up since it was brought up by the social media )

Customer booked a wheelchair hydraulic wheelchair in 2hr time on a heavily raining day

Support started to re-arrange schedule to make sure customer got the correct service he booked. 

Job assigned. Driver OTW. Then we received a job cancellation by the user.

Support surprised and took the initiative to called customer and offered to reinstate the service.

Customer: There is a cheaper option - Standard wheelchair transport. Can you refund me the money so that I can book the cheap option? 

Support: By right hor no refund for your cancellation. Sorry ah. Cannot. Despite the cancellation, we can still ask the driver to proceed to pick you up since he is already nearby and we have no intention to forfeit your ride. 

Customer: No No. Just refund me the money so that I can book the cheaper option.

Support. Cannot leh. the driver already OTW. We cannot simply ask him to go away leh. 

Customer: I just wanted the cheaper option. Can u refund me? 

Support was also a driver, driving, parked along a bus stop trying to convince customer to allow the assigned driver to send he and his grandma to the clinic.

............... 10 mins passed.  Customer kept asking to refund to book for the cheaper option

Customer: Why cannot refund? I just wanted the cheaper option 

Support: Like that we have to pay both drivers. Aiya... we are not going to waste any more time on this. Take the ride or leave it?

Customer: I want the refund to book the cheaper option.

Support: OK lah. We are applying our Terms and conditions - no refund for cancellation within 24 hours of ride on your booking. No refund and no ride. 

Customer: I am going to make a police report on your dishonest company. 

Support: Do whatever you want lah. You book and cancel on your own. We offered to reinstate your ride and you refused. 

Support to internal memo: Damm sian... this type of people also have. where is this world going.....

Scenario 15 - Accidentally Book Wrongly

Long time ago

Customer: Glad that I found your service. so easy to book.

Vimo:  Just trying to close the gap between drivers and passengers and bring down the price. Hope more people can benefit

Customer: Wah. good leh. i will continue to use the service.....

On 9 Nov 2022

Vimo received a booking timed 2 hours later and assigned it to a driver.

Customer: I booked wrong vehicle type accidentially leh. can help to change from hydraulic wheelchair transport to Standard Wheelchair transport?

Vimo: (You need to navigate 10+ times and press Yes on confirmation in order to confirm a booking... how to do it accidentally?) No. Just be careful next time

Customer: Your app was not user-friendly, i did not expect the booking to go through so fast. I really did it accidentally leh.

Vimo: (Dont bluff lah. Play app say play app lah) Busy lah. driving. no time to assist you this time. Just be careful next time ok?

Customer: I am your regular. If you dont change, i change provider.

Vimo: OK

Customer: I will write a bad review too.

Vimo: OK. If you change, you can use these providers. They are good too. Btw, can delete account, please delete account in app.

Customer: You should not be in service.

Vimo:  OK. 

Vimo Comments: We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is a LIVE System. Any action may result in loosing money when your action violates our terms and conditions. We cannot and do not please everyone. It is always discouraging for customers who always blame the service provider for their own mistakes.

Scenario 16 - I forget leh? Can give leeway or not?

Driver: You booked a Pioneer Wheelchair Ride. Can i take a look at your PG card?

Customer: I forgot to bring leh. Morning driver never check. no one check before. 

Driver: It is the company policy to check and it is up to individual driver whether he wants to check or not

Customer: I support vimo more than 1 year already. can give lee way?

Driver: Company wants me to check leh

Customer: Never mind i will email your company.

(Driver no choice, left after alighting the pax)

Driver told Victor.

Vimo suspended the customer's account

Vimo: Sorry. We have suspended your account after you refused to pay driver $4 after failing to present a physical PG card

Customer: You are suspending my account for $4.

Vimo: Yes. You have to bring the card everytime when you book a PG ride. If you have forgotten to bring you should just pay $4 or book a normal wheelchair transport.

Customer: u never check also?

Vimo: I checked before .. Your NTUC ride

Customer: I have been supporting your services for more than 1 year... (silently left a 1-star review on our google business profile)

Vimo: Your review sounds it is our fault when you forget. Why you forget also becoming our fault?

Customer: You can deduct $4, it is your right. As a customer, it is my right to leave a review.

Vimo: Ok. no more service for you after it becomes our fault when you forget. 

Customer: We can find other service providers who will appreciate my booking. 

After note: As much we want to support our PG, it is usually the family member making life difficult for us to achieve our targets. Unfortunately, they are likely to pay more than $45 each time for their short trips, which we normally charge for $29-$36. 

Scenario 17 - Why cannot tell me?

Customer emailed Support

Customer: Want to ask something. Can advise

Vimo: Nothing in your email. What u want to ask?

Customer: I can’t confirm the pick up timing. Can I call when we are ready to leave? Also, is it ok if the pick up point is different as I may want to bring my fil to somewhere nearby for tea? Any discount if my fil has pioneer card?

Vimo: . Pls spend some moments read through the webpage.

Customer: What kind of support services is this? Only 3 questions to answer, you expect me to read all to find out the answers??

Vimo: Don't be lazy and please read up on our website. You could have spent the time writing to us to read on our webpage. .The webpage has answered 99% of the questions.

Customer: Thank you for your information. I don’t need your transport services. I shall cancel my 2 bookings.

Vimo: Ok. Do read up on our cancellation policy

After note: We are treating all customers the same. Most of our customers are able to learn how we work from reading our webpage. If we start answering everyone, we have to hire someone to answer your questions and eventually increases our fare to stay profitable. 

Scenario 18 - Why you never send us a vehicle?

customer keyed in wrong details on klook

After receiving the booking, Our support emailed Klook that we were unable to proceed with the booking due to error in the booking

Klook never replied. 

Support worried that the customer may not received the notice by Klook, decided to WhatsApp the guest to inform him we were unable to send someone due to the error in booking. Especially it was a midnight flight, we definitely did not want him to start finding numbers to call. 

Support was then contacted by Klook for free cancellation, which we agreed without any hesitation. 

Customer left a one star on Google review said we never send vehicle for him. 

Ouch! We were made to pay for Klook's slow response to us and the customer. And the customer did not even check for his own error and started to blame us for not sending him a vehicle. It was and still is our company policy to only deploy vehicles for booking with complete details. 

Founder note:

We started VimoCare wheelchair transport with only one objective which was to provide the most affordable wheelchair transport to every wheelchair user in Singapore.

Fare was $55-100 per way regardless distance before we started. We managed to bring it down to $20 at one point (when diesel was still affordable) and many people benefited from it. And with our entry to the industry, the overall fare had dropped to a more affordable level (due to intense competition from us) for everyone. Over the time, our price structure remains very affordable for those visiting hospitals and having dialysis transportation.

Our affordable rates started to attract the wrong group of customers who always demanded more than they were promised. Making wrong assumptions and expected them to turn out in their way. Only wanted to hear what they wished to hear. Being in a public domain, it does not mean that Vimo Services has to put up with demands that were clearly violated our terms and conditions.

If you are a "Karen" or "Ken", and do not bother to read up on our services, please do not use our services. You may google for other service providers. We just want to contribute back to the society quietly.


Victor Teo

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