Singapore and South Korea launching vaccinated travel lane (VTL) on 15 Nov

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In summary,

  • Singapore and South Korea have agreed to launch vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) starting from Nov 15.
  • Under the VTLs, fully vaccinated travelers will be able to travel between Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport and be subjected to COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, in lieu of serving quarantine or a stay-home notice.
  • no restrictions on the purpose of travel or requirements for a controlled itinerary or sponsorship
  • More details will be released in due course

"Singapore and the Republic of Korea enjoy excellent bilateral relations, with strong people-to-people ties. I am pleased that both countries have agreed to jointly launch Vaccinated Travel Lanes that will re-open general travel between our two countries, which has been disrupted for the past 20 months," said Minister for Transport S Iswaran.

South Korea has joined both Brunei and Germany to established VTL with Singapore. This will gradually improve on the tourism sector, which is left hungry for the past 2 years. Vimo Services welcomes this marvelous news and hopes to serve South Koreans soon




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