The customer whom we blacklisted – Glenda Ng


Glenda Ng started our conversation well and went off the topic. We corrected her to ensure no time was wasted on an irrelevant topic.

We had provided our professional advice on how to eliminate all possible inconveniences that may cause to both the service provider and the customer, which was usually greatly appreciated by all customers.

She started to find fault with us for not being understanding towards her mother's hospital discharge and this puzzled us. Our mobile application was designed to handle all scenarios, whether you required the ride at the moment or at a later time, which Glenda could utilize the functions at her own convenience. She ended left us a one-star review with her version of the story, despite not using our service. And we thought it would be fair to display the whole transcript for everyone to judge on his/her own.

This post was necessary to ensure reviewers should be held responsible for their reviews and they must understand no customer could push their way through a genuine business, whose value was greatly appreciated by many others.

Management's Note: We are already used to unfair reviews. For wheelchair transport, we are here to serve the wheelchair user ensuring they have an affordable and safe trip to the destination, not here to please the unreasonable caregiver.

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