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Wheelchair Transport Singapore

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Understanding Wheelchair Transport Services in Singapore

Wheelchair transport services in Singapore offer a vital non-emergency point-to-point transportation solution, catering specifically to individuals who rely on wheelchairs for mobility. This specialized service facilitates seamless travel without the need for dismounting from the wheelchair. The safety and comfort of passengers are ensured through the utilization of a minimum of two harnesses or wheelchair restraint locks, providing secure transportation. These services are expertly managed by wheelchair-accessible vehicles, offering a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to travel needs.

Vimo Services: Elevating Wheelchair Transport

At Vimo Services, we recognize that wheelchair transport is not a mere convenience; it's an essential lifeline for individuals with disabilities (PWDs) and elderly members using wheelchairs. Our commitment stems from this understanding, as we pledge to offer compassionate, secure, and considerate assistance to our esteemed clients. Our mission is to provide the finest VimoCare wheelchair transportation available in Singapore, marked by both exceptional quality and affordability.

Our dedicated team approaches wheelchair transport services with empathy, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for each passenger. Respect for our passengers is paramount as we strive to minimize wait times, maintain punctuality, and efficiently navigate routes to ensure timely arrivals. The safety and well-being of our passengers remain our top priority throughout the journey.

Affordability and Accessibility

Vimo Services stands resolute in delivering the most competitive rates in the city, without compromising on the quality and convenience of our services. We acknowledge the significance of affordability, especially for individuals with limited mobility. To further enhance accessibility, we have introduced an innovative mobile app booking system, empowering passengers to effortlessly schedule and manage their rides using their smartphones. With just a few taps, passengers can request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, specify their unique requirements, and monitor their driver's real-time progress.

Our commitment extends beyond affordability, striving to redefine wheelchair transportation as a seamless and hassle-free experience. At Vimo Services, we ensure that every journey is not only safe and reliable but also attuned to the unique needs of our valued customers. Choose Vimo Services for a journey that exemplifies care, comfort, and uncompromising dedication to service excellence.


How does Wheelchair Transport work?

no transfer or dismount during wheelchair transport

There is no dismount or transfer of wheelchair user onto a seat.  The user will remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey.

vimo services vimocare wheelchair user on wheelchair hydraulic lift

The wheelchair is either lifted or pushed into the vehicle and the user is belted up by using the wheelchair seat belt or one that is provided by the driver.

wheelchair transport safety restraints rear

Wheelchairs are held down securely by restraints or straps to prevent them from moving during the journey

From 15 Oct 2021, it is mandatory for the wheelchair user to put on his own wheelchair seat belt. If he does not have one, the driver will offer a wheelchair restraint belt. Failure to do so, the driver has the right to refuse service and no refund will be entertained.

Type of Wheelchair Transport Vehicle

mercedes viano maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with ramp deployed

Mercedes Viano with ramp

Mercedes Viano Maxicab with deployable sturdy ramp. This wheelchair maxi cab is deployable for Standard Wheelchair Transport, where the wheelchair user shall weigh 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 27 inches.

toyota hiace hiroof maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with ramp deployed

Toyota Hiace with ramp

Toyota Hiace Maxicab with deployable sturdy ramp. This wheelchair minibus is deployable for Standard Wheelchair Transport, where the wheelchair user shall weigh 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 27 inches.

toyota hiace hiroof maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with hydraulic lift deployed

Toyota Hiace with hydraulic lift

Toyota Hiace fitted with hydraulic lift. The lift is capable to lift up to 300kg. These vehicles are capable to fulfill all types of wheelchair transport. Most of our vehicles are installed with hydraulic lifts and may be assigned for your standard wheelchair transport booking.

vimo services wheelchair accessible vehicle toyota noah welcab

Toyota Noah Welcab

Toyota Noah/Voxy Welcab comes with either manual or fully electric lowering wheelchair ramp. This wheelchair car is deployable for Standard wheelchair transport, where the wheelchair user shall weight 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 27 inches.

List of Approved Wheelchair & Mobility Devices for Transport

standard pushchair approved for wheelchair transport
recline wheelchair approved for wheelchair transport
standard wheelchair with elevated leg rest approved for wheelchair transport
power wheelchair approved for wheelchair transport
electric mobile scooter approved wheelchair transport

standard wheelchair with elevated leg rests approved for wheelchair transport.

Type of mobility devices not approved for Wheelchair Transport

geriatric chair not approved for wheelchair transport

A geriatric chair has wheel lock on each of its four wheels. As it is designed to be used indoor, it does not have proper anchor points. A geriatric chair can never be secured in a moving vehicle, thus it shall not be transported with the user in it.

lightweight pushchair not approved for wheelchair transport

A light weighted pushchair does not have sufficient wheels to ground area to provide a stable ride for the wheelchair user. It can be easily tipped over a small kerb, a small rock or even on a slightly uneven road. It shall not be used outdoor or transportation due to its instability.

lightweight moving chair not approved for wheelchair transport

A mobile chair is only suitable to be used in indoor and for a short period of time. It is unable to contain the user securely with only 2 pole acting as the arm rests. Thus a mobile chair shall not be used in a wheelchair transport.

Purposes of Wheelchair Transport Singapore

wheelchair transport singapore for medical appointment

Medical Appointment / Hospital Discharge

Do not stress yourself out by trying to lift the wheelchair user into the taxi. Our services include lifting or pushing the whole wheelchair into our vehicle, while 3 caregivers can tag along.

Entrust your loved one to us, we will ensure that he will get to the dialysis center or home on time. As we are not medically trained, we will maintain zero contact with the wheelchair user.

wheelchair transport for your social events

Social Event

Whether it is a wedding event, excursion, recreation, or just a dinner appointment, we are always available to make sure you are able to travel comfortably in our wheelchair transport taxis

wheelchair transport for singapore airport transfer

Airport Transfers

Heading to the airport?  Our wheelchair-taxis are able to take you, your family members, and your luggage to the airport safely.

picture showing two elderly hold hand in hand - transport for elderly

Transport Services for Elderly in Singapore

Our well-trained drivers are able to drive your seniors to the day-care, rehabilitation centers safely

Subsidized Wheelchair Ride for our lower-income population

pioneer merdeka chas card
  • These subsidies are provided by Vimo Services, without any external funding. Therefore we decide on how and who are receiving them. Our decision will be final.
  • Booking must be made through the mobile app.
  • These rides come with a 60 minutes buffer. To secure a ride, you need to book 60 minutes in advance.
  • Physical card / E-Card (no picture is allowed) must be presented to the driver upon request, or the respective discount will be collected by the driver in cash. Failure to pay will result in suspension. 
  • Strictly no choosing type of wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • CHAS Blue / Orange - $2 discount
  • Merdeka - $3 discount
  • Pioneer - $4 discount

To apply for CHAS card, please visit CHAS website 


Subsidy given so far

Month Pioneer ($4 off) Merdeka ($3 off) CHAS ($2 off) Total $
October 2022 224 62 143 $1368
November 2022 267 59 165 $1575
December 2022 282 65 125 $1573
January 2023 320 76 138 $1784
February 2023 316 76 140 $1722
March 2023 276 48 127 $1502
Total $9524

Book your wheelchair friendly transport on our mobile app

Vimo Services provides a free app that you can easily download on your smartphone (Both Android and iOS systems are supported) and use to book transportation with Vimo Services. It’s the only other way, apart from website booking, (No phone / SMS / Whatsapp booking) to book our services, and we’ve chosen this so that we could be able to provide the cheap wheelchair taxi transport services in Singapore

Each ride comes with 3 free seats for caregivers

By booking with us, you have agreed to our privacy policy and  terms and conditions

vimo services mobile application main page
vimo services mobile app price sample 24 dollars

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Type of Wheelchair Transport Options in the mobile app

vimo services vimo care types of wheelchair transport
vimo services payment methods major credits paynow

Standard Wheelchair Transport Pricing

This price structure applies to the Standard Wheelchair Transport. 
For other types, please refer to the mobile app for more information
Advance Booking Current / Less than 24 hours Booking
Base Fare $31 (Capped at 60) $37 (Capped at $60)
Every 1 km $1 $1
Midnight Hours $30 $30
Non Office Hours $10 $10
Waiting Charges Check app
Door to Door S$20
Charter Service
Book by Hours. Minimum 2 hours
$50 Per Hour
Public Holiday Surcharge
Singapore Public Holiday
$5 - $60

Why book your wheelchair transport with us ? 4 convincible reasons

dollar sign

Most reasonable rate

We are the first wheelchair transport company to charge the fare based on the distance traveled. Our advance rate starts from $25 to $60, unbeatable in the current market. $3 off for Standard Wheelchair Transport (3 caregivers)

easy booking icon

Easiest Booking System

Be it a website or mobile app booking, we are offering the easiest way to book wheelchair transport without having to get hold of any customer service officer.

extensive network

Extensive Driver Network

With more than 30 wheelchair-accessible drivers on our platform, you are almost guaranteed a comfortable wheelchair transport service when you use our mobile application anytime, anywhere in Singapore.

person in wheelchair

PWD Employees

We have been working closely with SGEnable to identify qualified personnel who are able to value-add to our company.

Wheelchair Transport Singapore to Malaysia

vimo services wheelchair transport singapore to malaysia

Terms and Conditions

  • Take a maximum of 9 passengers and 1 wheelchair with minimum luggage. 
  • Prices from $220 - $1450 per trip per vehicle.
  • Every stop after every 120-150 km to cater to the needs of the wheelchair user or elderly
  • Advance booking is needed. Subjected to availability
Prices List (SGD / One Way)
Wheelchair Transport
Johor Bahru City
Larkin Bus Terminal
Iskandar Puteri
Mount Austin
Pulai Spring Resort
Senai Airport
Johor Premium Outlet
Pasir Gudang
Kota Tinggi
Pekan Nanas
Batu Pahat
Yong Peng
Mersing Jetty (Tioman Island)
Malacca City $600
Port Dickson
Kuala Lumpur
Sepang International Circuit
Sunway Lagoon
Genting Highlands $1100
Club Med Cherating $1450
Cameron Highlands $1450
Hourly After Trip Fare $65/hour
Hourly without trip fare (min 10 hours) $95/hour
  • FREE Wifi hotspot while onboard - Reasonable Usage
  • FREE bottle of water - Subject to availability
  • Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars and are One Way. 
  • Singapore registered drivers and vehicles
  • Trip starts from Changi Airport, Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Singapore Cruise Centre will incur an additional $70 for all types of vehicle with exceptional of Wheelchair Maxi Cab is $80.
  • Additional Singapore Pick up / Drop off - $20
  • Pick up time late-night charges (23:00 - 06:29 Next day) - $20. (Not applicable on drop off time)
  • Waiting charges are charged at $5 per 5 minutes per vehicle. Please choose a time when everyone can be ready. All waiting charges will be paid to the drivers for their time and patience. Happy driver happy ride.
  • For all other locations, please use the booking form to get your own quote
  • For tours or unknown itinerary, please book hourly minimum 10 hours
  • A child seat is chargeable at $20 per trip, whereas a booster seat is chargeable at $10 per trip
  • Prices include carpark, fuel, toll, driver meal, driver hotel, and driver gratuity
  • A surcharge of 20% for popular weekends and holidays. Upcoming popular weekends are 29 April 2022 to 3 May 2022 (Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa) and 13 May to 15 May 2022 (Vesak Day)
  • A surcharge of 50-100% for the CNY Period. The surcharge is necessary to ensure the correct driver is assigned to you.
  • The max capacity of the Wheelchair Maxi Cab is 7-8 passengers + 1 Wheelchair with minimum luggage. If you have more luggage, another vehicle is necessary.
  • 13 Seater Maxi Cab and Wheelchair Maxi Cab passengers must alight at both the Singapore and Malaysia immigration complex for the immigration process.
  • With a doctor's memo, the wheelchair user can remain in the vehicle in both Singapore (Tuas & Woodlands) immigrations. Meanwhile, the wheelchair user can remain in the vehicle while transiting Sultan Abu Bakar Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex (Tuas-Malaysia Route). 
  • Once confirmed, cancellation at 95% refund with a minimum of 7 days' notice, cancellation at 50% refund with a minimum of 3 days' notice.  No refund for all other scenarios.
  • To book or to check on other prices - please use

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