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wheelchair transport vimo services wheelchair pushing up a wheelchair ramp

What is a wheelchair transport services Singapore? It is a non-emergency point-to-point transport service for wheelchair users to commute without dismounting from their wheelchair. The wheelchair is also secured by a minimum of 2 harnesses or wheelchair restraint locks. It is a taxi service served by wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

At Vimo Services, we understand that wheelchair transport in Singapore isn't a luxury - it's a core need. For those with disabilities (PWDs) or elderly family members in wheelchairs, it's often the only way to get around. With this reason in mind, Vimo Services pledges to provide caring, safe, and sensitive assistance to our clients while providing the highest quality and affordable VimoCare wheelchair transportation available in Singapore.

Each member of our team takes pride in providing wheelchair transport services with an understanding, caring approach and as easy and stress-free as possible. We treat passengers with respect, keep wait times to a minimum, turn up on time and get to and from destinations in a timely fashion - all while ensuring the complete safety of our passengers.

With the increasing popularity of our wheelchair transport services, we have launched the mobile app. It closes the bridge between wheelchair users and drivers.  Wheelchair users do not have to call and can reserve their affordable wheelchair transportation anywhere, anytime.

How does Wheelchair Transport work?

no transfer or dismount during wheelchair transport

There is no dismount or transfer of wheelchair user onto a seat.  The user will remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey.

vimo services vimocare wheelchair user on wheelchair hydraulic lift

The wheelchair is either lifted or pushed into the vehicle and the user is belted up by using the wheelchair seat belt or one that is provided by the driver.

wheelchair transport safety restraints rear

Wheelchairs are held down securely by restraints or straps to prevent them from moving during the journey

From 15 Oct 2021, it is mandatory for the wheelchair user to put on his own wheelchair seat belt. If he does not have one, the driver will offer a wheelchair restraint belt. Failure to do so, the driver has the right to refuse service and no refund will be entertained.

Type of Wheelchair Transport Vehicle

mercedes viano maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with ramp deployed

Mercedes Viano with ramp

Mercedes Viano Maxicab with deployable sturdy ramp. This wheelchair maxi cab is deployable for Standard Wheelchair Transport, where the wheelchair user shall weigh 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 32 inches.

toyota hiace hiroof maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with ramp deployed

Toyota Hiace with ramp

Toyota Hiace Maxicab with deployable sturdy ramp. This wheelchair minibus is deployable for Standard Wheelchair Transport, where the wheelchair user shall weigh 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 32 inches.

toyota hiace hiroof maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with hydraulic lift deployed

Toyota Hiace with hydraulic lift

Toyota Hiace fitted with hydraulic lift. The lift is capable to lift up to 300kg. These vehicles are capable to fulfill all types of wheelchair transport. Most of our vehicles are installed with hydraulic lifts and may be assigned for your standard wheelchair transport booking.

vimo services wheelchair accessible vehicle toyota noah welcab

Toyota Noah Welcab

Toyota Noah/Voxy Welcab comes with either manual or fully electric lowering wheelchair ramp. This wheelchair car is deployable for Standard wheelchair transport, where the wheelchair user shall weight 100kg or less, and the wheelchair width shall not be more than 32 inches.

Purposes of Wheelchair Transport Singapore

wheelchair transport singapore for medical appointment

Medical Appointment / Hospital Discharge

Do not stress yourself out by trying to lift the wheelchair user into the taxi. Our services include lifting or pushing the whole wheelchair into our vehicle, while 3 caregivers can tag along.

Entrust your loved one to us, we will ensure that he will get to the dialysis center or home on time. As we are not medically trained, we will maintain zero contact with the wheelchair user.

wheelchair transport for your social events

Social Event

Whether it is a wedding event, excursion, recreation, or just a dinner appointment, we are always available to make sure you are able to travel comfortably in our wheelchair transport taxis

wheelchair transport for singapore airport transfer

Airport Transfers

Heading to the airport?  Our wheelchair-taxis are able to take you, your family members, and your luggage to the airport safely.

picture showing two elderly hold hand in hand - transport for elderly

Transport Services for Elderly in Singapore

Our well-trained drivers are able to drive your seniors to the day-care, rehabilitation centers safely

NTUC Member Promotion for Wheelchair Transport Singapore

ntuc membership card discount for wheelchair transport

Terms and Conditions

  • Booking must be made through the mobile app. Choose only NTUC Wheelchair Transport. The fare is calculated with a $2 discount.
  • Membership Card (Including Virtual Card on NTUC App) must be presented once to the driver at any point of the ride. ie. Before boarding, during the ride, or at the destination. Otherwise, $2 will be added to the final fare.
  • Read the vehicle description carefully, by clicking on the exclamation mark next to the NTUC Wheelchair Transport. Max wheelchair width 32″.
  • To find out more on NTUC Website, this is the link 

Wheelchair Transport Singapore to Malaysia

vimo services wheelchair transport singapore to malaysia

Terms and Conditions

  • Take a maximum of 9 passengers and 1 wheelchair with minimum luggage. 
  • Prices from $220 - $1450 per trip per vehicle.
  • Every stop after every 120-150 km to cater to the needs of the wheelchair user or elderly
  • Advance booking is needed. Subjected to availability

Our customers reviews

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Vimo Services
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Fann Phua
Fann Phua
12:33 11 Aug 22
I booked this transportation service for my wife and my daughter and they were really, really pleased with the service. During the booking, Victor helped me to address some doubts and all my... questions were answered swiftly. On arrival the chauffeur was on time, clearly visible, kind and gentleman in his manners. Vehicle was very comfortable despite the traffic surrounding Singapore City. An absolutely highly recommended company. For sure, in my case, whenever I need transportation in Singapore, I will call them first.read more
Dao Pameka
Dao Pameka
16:37 09 Aug 22
Being a wheelchair user it's been hard to find a transport service that I feel safe with for being a wheelchair user! First class service from friendly, helpful drivers, would definitely recommend to... family, friends and who ever might see this review! Weekend can be quite expensive.read more
Britt Paquette
Britt Paquette
05:30 05 Aug 22
I was helping a friend to arrange the pick-up. Actually, I am very glad that everything from the booking to pick up was very smooth. I called late morning and a limousine was confirmed within minutes... for pick up the same evening. The driver was also very professional and informed me once my friend was onboard. I felt assured with the services provided by Vimo Services.read more
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Book your wheelchair friendly transport on our mobile app

Vimo Services provides a free app that you can easily download on your smartphone (Both Android and iOS systems are supported) and use to book transportation with Vimo Services. It’s the only other way, apart from website booking, (No phone / SMS / Whatsapp booking) to book our services, and we’ve chosen this so that we could be able to provide the cheap wheelchair taxi transport services in Singapore

Each ride comes with 3 free seats for caregivers

By booking with us, you have agreed to our privacy policy and  terms and conditions

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Standard Wheelchair Transport Pricing

This price structure applies to the Standard Wheelchair Transport. 
For other types, please refer to the mobile app for more information
Advance Booking Current / Less than 24 hours Booking
Base Fare $27 (Capped at $55) $33 (Capped at $60)
Every 1 km $1 $1
Midnight Hours $30 $30
Non Office Hours $10 $10
Additional caregiver $2 $2
Additional wheelchair $15 $15
Waiting Charges $15 for 15 mins or part thereof
Charter Service
Book by Hours. Minimum 2 hours
$50 Per Hour
Public Holiday Surcharge
Singapore Public Holiday
$5 - $60
Extra Caregiver
Having 4 or more caregivers is chargeable
$2 per Person
Second Wheelchair
A small price to stay together in the same vehicle
Wheelchair Rental
Using our wheelchair
$15 per Trip

Why book your wheelchair transport with us ? 4 convincible reasons

dollar sign

Most reasonable rate

We are the first wheelchair transport company to charge the fare based on the distance traveled. Our advance rate starts from $22 to $55, unbeatable in the current market.

easy booking icon

Easiest Booking System

Be it a website or mobile app booking, we are offering the easiest way to book wheelchair transport without having to get hold of any customer service officer.

extensive network

Extensive Driver Network

With more than 30 wheelchair-accessible drivers on our platform, you are almost guaranteed a comfortable wheelchair transport service when you use our mobile application anytime, anywhere in Singapore.

person in wheelchair

PWD Employees

We have been working closely with SGEnable to identify qualified personnel who are able to value-add to our company.

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