Why you should book a wheelchair taxi?

VimoCare Wheelchair Transport is Singapore's leading carrier of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis. Whether your journey is within your neighborhood or across the causeway, we are sure to provide you with the highest degree of service at one of the most affordable rates in the area. Our firm commitment to client care and convenience is second to none; all our vehicle drivers are professional, courteous, and fully licensed for complete peace of mind. Furthermore, we have the most up-to-date fleet of purpose-built disability-accessible minibusses to ensure your journey is both a safe and enjoyable one.

Traveling with a wheelchair presents obstacles and logistics that need to be considered before leaving for your trip. Although public transport has carried out much ease of access functions over the years, it can still be tough to reply upon, particularly when adhering to a strict travel plan. By relying on a personal mobility transportation service, you can ensure that VimoCare wheelchair transport will meet all your transportation and availability requirements on your trip.

Wheelchair ramps and wheelchair hydraulic lifts are essential in our taxis, folding down for usage and giving a dignified entrance for wheelchair users. As soon as you are inside the taxi, with the help of the skilled taxi driver, wheelchair movement restriction straps ensure that the chair is held securely in place throughout the journey.

wheelchair transport with wheelchair user on hydraulic lift
wheelchair transport with wheelchair user on a hydraulic lift

The senior or those with modest strolling difficulties will be assisted into the vehicle using the ramp or hydraulic lift or a portable non-slip step. The motion inside the traveler compartment is made easier thanks to easy-grip grab handles.

Safe & Secure for Wheelchair Accessibility

Integral fold-out wheelchair ramp with expansion. Four-point wheelchair restriction belt. Removable intermediate non-slip step. Automatic sliding doors for ease for the arthritic

wheelchair transport safety restraints rear
wheelchair transport safety restraints rear

At VimoCare wheelchair transport services, we satisfy ourselves by putting your requirements first; we have developed a credibility for offering a helpful and friendly service to clients who are disabled. However, our wheelchair taxi service remains in need for a variety of our clients. We provide our service for schools, clubs, care homes, organizations, family members, and companies that need mobility device available minibusses. We offer a high level of service to everybody with a particular need seeking transportation.

Requirements for obtainable taxis

Specifying a mobility device accessible taxi to accommodate the needs of those with a disability is a rather broad need; nevertheless, there are many kinds of disability.

An easily accessible wheelchair taxi could come outfitted with a ramp to serve slightly impaired people when it concerns walking, i.e., the senior or those utilizing mobility devices. As soon as you are inside the taxi, it needs safety straps to safeguard a wheelchair. Suppose the person using the taxi has trouble moving around.

Our wheelchair taxi solution is developed to make life simpler for you. Whether you require an essential trip to the supermarket, a routine institution run, or an airport transfer, we can supply you with an easy and accessible wheelchair taxi service that other firms cannot. Mobility device hydraulic lifts or ramps are standard in the taxis used for this solution. These fold up to be conveniently made use of and supply you with a sensible means of entering our taxicab.

As soon as inside the taxi, our fully-trained drivers will undoubtedly guarantee your mobility device is firmly held in place during your journey with the automobile's equipped wheelchair restriction bands. Suppose you're not a mobility device user yet have difficulties strolling. In that case, our taxis are outfitted with available steps that will make entering and leaving the vehicles more manageable. Whilst easy-grip grab handles will give you added safety and security throughout your trip.

Once you reach your location, our drivers will undoubtedly get on hand to give any aid they can. Such as opening the taxi door for you, helping you with your baggage, or it could just be walking with you to your destination and providing an arm needs to you require to hold on to it.

Scheduling Your wheelchair transport services on our mobile app now

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as 356 days a year, we can offer security as well as comfy transportation at your convenience.

When booking a taxi on your own or an additional mobile device customer, we ask that you discuss that you call for mobility device gain access to. This enables us to guarantee that a mobility device-accessible vehicle is attended to your trip.

If you have any other specific needs for your trip, please don't think twice about discussing these with us WhatsApp by clicking on the WhatsApp icon. As part of our specialized client service, we are committed to ensuring all guests travel safely and comfortably when taking a trip with us. As a result, we will certainly do our utmost to accommodate your needs and ensure your trip is safe and comfy.

When you reserve your trip with our mobile device transport solution in Singapore, our drivers are there to focus on your requirements and be dependable with your itinerary. Traveling with a wheelchair, positions obstacles, and logistics must be considered before leaving for your trip. By relying on an exclusive wheelchair transport service, you can ensure that VimoCare wheelchair transport services will undoubtedly satisfy all your transport and access demands on your journey.


Public transport is frequently on a rigid schedule not customized to your needs. They also experience hold-ups or traffic that cannot always be forecasted in some cases. However, you can rely on your motorists traveling on your timetable when you book your transportation. These on-demand traveling solutions provide you with a timeline to fulfill only your requirements as well as no person else.

Ease of Access Features

Public transportation may have adjusted to accommodate wheelchair users better, however, there is no chance to anticipate whether the necessary attributes will be offered for free on each public bus. When you obtain one, they might currently be taken by other guests. Nonetheless, our private transport solution guarantees that you have every little thing you require right inside the vehicle. In addition, our fleet of vehicles supplies holiday accommodations to meet all your demands.


When you schedule your journey with our wheelchair taxi service in Singapore, you will find our drivers are right here to focus on your demands and be reliable with your schedule. We have trained, focused, and credible individuals who work to ensure that your trip is safe and complete. Our drivers will aid you in every way they can, from venturing out the door of your residence to making sure that you safely get to your location. In addition, we are here for you when you need extra support with your tools.


Though there are locations for wheelchair individuals on public transport, you undoubtedly will not find anything as comfy as having your very own vehicle. When you get on public transport, you might require to sit close to other passengers, endure smells or interruptions, as well as a stop at every person else, stop to be dropped off or picked up. However, our vehicles are sizable and comfy, as well as we concentrate entirely on where you need to go.


When you want to take care of your travel plans on your own, you can quickly reserve online, with a mobile app, or with a personal motorist picking them up at their doorstep. Then, when you need exclusive transportation, you will be free from stress over taking a trip to a bus stop or safely leaving your home. This freedom makes our riders enjoy their experience far more.

As you can see there are vast benefits to answer why you should book a wheelchair taxi and we have summarised a few extra points below for your convenience allowing you to make an informed decision on the high standard of service that we offer:


  • Our service is stress-free for both the caregivers and the wheelchair user as they do not have to transfer the wheelchair user from a wheelchair onto the car seat.
  • We provide high safety features, consisting of a safety harness, safety locks, and a safety belt for wheelchair users.
  • Traveling in a big group? We can offer group service for up to 9 other passengers and 1 wheelchair user.
  • Skip Taxi Queue. There is no need to wait, we come to you at a time that is convenient for you.
  • We provide very affordable rates. From $20 to $55 distance based offering a cheaper advance booking service.
  • Convenient in booking, scheduled at your own preferred time through our mobile app.
  • Good service that is highly recommended; refer to our google reviews with ratings at (4.7/5) for social proof to see what our customers say.

These are just some of the advantages of booking you’re traveling with VimoCare. As a top wheelchair transport solution in Singapore, we offer our passengers a trusted service to boost their journey. Use our mobile app to schedule your reservations today.

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