Singapore experiences record 3486 new COVID-19 cases and 9 more deaths

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  • On 5 Oct 2021, Singapore records 3486 new COVID-19 cases and 9 more deaths.
  • 9 deaths involved six men and three women, aged between 64 and 90. 3 were unvaccinated against COVID-19, while two were partially vaccinated and four had been vaccinated. All of them had various underlying medical conditions.
  • Singapore has total of 109804 COVID-19 cases and 130 COVID-19 deaths.
  • 247 cases require oxygen supplementation, and 34 patients are in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU). Of those who have fallen very ill, 235 are above the age of 60.
  • No visitor to residential care homes for another two weeks to allow seniors to get vaccinated or receive their booster shots.

Seniors are encouraged to stay at home as statistics show seniors with underlying medical conditions are experiencing serious symptoms when infected with COVID-19


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