Vimo Services Press Release: Company taunts man asking about oxygen for wheelchair service, says ‘it’s free from the air’

We refer to the article

We found that it was amusing that the topic starter (aka "David") was trying to find the cheapest solution, instead of the most appropriate transport for someone who required medical attention. No one should ever consider anything less than a medical transport (easily cost more than $150, compared to our average $35-45)

David said: "My grandma is wheelchair-bound and oxygen-dependent. She has regular appointments at Ng Teng Fong Hospital so I have booked wheelchair transport with other companies before, always engaging those that provide oxygen.
which may have sufficient oxygen for 1-2 hours for someone who needs oxygen to breathe better. After we had concluded "David" was not someone we wished to deal with, we provided the advisory to book a medical transport instead.
We have been monitoring the online situations closely and glad that a small group was able to understand our well-intention to brush off "David".
LeonLim: He called a few medical transports first. Before calling a wheelchair transport service.
He hid it by saying "calling other companies" first. And spill the beans when he later mentioned "ambulance" is higher thus looking for lower access option, that's why he called wheelchair service after that.
Being in a public domain and one of the most affordable wheelchair transport services in Singapore, we are always being scrutinized, whereas a keyboard warrior such as "David" would be able to ask unwarranted questions and go unpunished.
Vimo Services always put wheelchair users' well-being before our own business and have refused businesses before when the family members refused to follow our safety guidelines.  For this particular case, we were disappointed on how David was trying to risk his lovely grandma with non-medically trained drivers.
We find that the current reactions from the public has undetermined the true intentions of Vimo Services. Was it rude? Or were we trying to knock some sense into David?

Everyone can draw his own conclusion. And we cannot please everyone.

Vimo Services.
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